Ellingham's Woodland Ways

The wonderful grounds and gardens of Ellingham House were a major determining reason for us originally founding our nursery here. It has always been a fundamental belief of ours that children greatly benefit from an ‘outdoor lifestyle’ and that is one that we have always desired to share with them.

This has from our outset nearly twenty years ago, led us to spend as much time as we can exploring and making the maximum year around use of our outdoor classroom.

Comprising open lawned areas, natural wild grass pastures, pets paddock, vegetable garden and woods, our grounds offer up a wide variety of environments, flora and fauna, which can be enjoyed and utilised in so many ways for play, discovery, activity, imaginative, creative and physical development and learning for all ages.

In some ways, our historic embracing and enjoyment of the natural world around us has led others to follow our example, and over recent years ‘forest schools’ have developed, providing similar experiences to that which our children have always benefited from. Building dens and shelters, bell tent classroom, exploring our own on-site woodland and wild areas, watching bonfires, whole days spent outside, puddle stomping and rainy rambles, alfresco meals, helping in the vegetable patch growing our own vegetables, collecting our fresh eggs from our chickens and watching the paddock pets (Daisy the cow, Monet the Shetland Pony and Pepper, Poppy, Ping and Pong Our Suffolic Sheep) throughout the seasons.

Our outdoor lifestyle is a wonderful balance to all that goes on within the nursery, providing a fully rounded early years experience.

Please have a look at the following photographic gallery to see us all enjoying our Ellingham ‘Woodland Ways’ (click on any of the images for an enlarged view):