Admissions Policy & Terms and Conditions of Attendance

1) Eligibility for allocation of a Day Nursery place is based upon the availability of places within the relevant age group and the agreement of the Day Nursery Manager. Full day care is from 8-00 a.m. to 6-00 p.m. Morning sessions include lunch and are from 8-00 a.m. to 1-30 p.m. and Afternoon sessions are from 1-30 p.m. to 6-00 p.m. Places are registered upon receipt of completed application forms and accompanying non-refundable securing deposit which is then credited upon first attendance.

2) A waiting list is held and vacant places are offered according to the list and nursery considerations. Applications for siblings may take precedence, and the final decision in any event is reserved with the nursery management.

3) Fees are settled by monthly standing order or combination of childcare voucher and standing order. Once a child is in receipt of Nursery Education Grant (age 3+) termly invoices may be forwarded with the option to pay by monthly instalment.
We reserve the right to review fees as and when required.

4) Four weeks notice is required of your intention to alter your child’s registered attendance, otherwise a month’s fees will be charged. Fees for NEG receiving children are due until the end of each term (dates as per invoice) regardless of leaving date.

5) In the event that a start date is delayed, unless otherwise agreed, fees are due as from the originally agreed start date.

6) There is no charge when the nursery is closed due to Bank & Public holidays or the Christmas week close down, however, no refund will be payable in the event of inclement weather closure.

7) Holiday Absence – No refund is payable for holiday non-attendance.

8) Written instructions regarding the administration of any medication required by the child whilst at the nursery must be given to the manager or a senior nursery officer and the parents must sign the medication book prior to administration. If a child is asthmatic the appropriate form must be completed and an inhaler, clearly labelled, must be provided.

9) No child will be accepted into the nursery if they are obviously ill on arrival, or, suffering from any infectious or contagious condition, for example conjunctivitis, diarrhoea, impetigo, chicken pox, or any of the normal childhood illnesses. Minor coughs and colds though, are acceptable, so long as the child is well enough in his/herself, to enjoy the nursery day. It may be advisable to telephone the office to enable an informed decision to be made on attendance. In any event, it is for the Nursery Manager to decide whether a child should attend the nursery.

10) If a child becomes ill whilst at the nursery parents will be notified and asked to collect the child as soon as they are able. If a child has to be collected early from nursery due to illness, a doctors opinion in favour of a return to nursery must be gained before that child may re-attend.

11) Should a child fall ill or suffer an accident whilst at nursery, every effort will be made to immediately contact the parents and child’s own doctor. However, if contact is not possible, we reserve the right to take whatever action we deem necessary. Your authority for this is implied on the forwarding of completed application forms. The Nursery is registered at Cornerways Medical Practice in Ringwood. Whilst we will always endeavour to provide the greatest reasonable care, we decline to accept liability for all reasonable actions or non-actions taken by nursery staff in such circumstances and that Ellingham House Day Nursery Ltd would not assume any liability for same.

12) Any accidents that occur to a child are recorded in the accident book and the parent notified and asked to acknowledge the incident. All our full-time staff hold valid first aid certificates or will be undertaking the relevant training.

13) A copy of our Medical Policy document is available for parents from the office.

14) Special Needs – Some children may attend the nursery who have special needs. A copy of our policy document is also available from the office.

15) Our Behaviour Policy Document may also be requested by parents, or a copy may be viewed in the in the office.

16) To ensure that we operate at all times in the best interests of the children we implement an equal opportunity policy and child protection policy. Copies of these policies in full can be requested from the office.

17) Data protection – we are obliged to share certain information gained from parents with both National and Local authorities and your permission for us to do this is implied and accepted by proceeding with your application for a place.

18) During their time at nursery our children need much pastoral care and consideration involving emotional support both verbal and physical. In short, children need plenty of cuddles, and our carefully chosen and approved staff are happy to give the children the cuddles and love they need to feel secure in their ‘home from home’ environment. Your authority for cuddles is implied by continuing with the registration of your child at Ellingham House.

19) We adhere to a ‘Sunsmart’ sun protection policy which will involve us at relevant times of the year requesting for you to supply us with high factor sun lotion to protect your child whilst at play in the grounds. Your authority for use is implied.

20) In exceptional circumstances we reserve the right to review the attendance of a child, and if necessary, curtail the attendance of a child at Ellingham House. Whilst, we would endeavour to give a period of notice, circumstances may dictate otherwise. We can only care for your child on the basis of mutual ‘trust, respect and confidence’ and if the Principal considers that this is not apparent then the right to review or curtail attendance may occur. Applications for decelerated children will be approved or denied on a case by case basis by the Principal and no inclusive obligation will be brooked.

21) Parents must provide: a full change of clothing, suitable outdoor wear including wet weather clothing and wellies.
Sufficient made up milk bottles for daily feeds and/or proprietary brand baby food if required. Alternatively, parents may specify their requirements to the nursery management who will provide for these needs and invoice parents separately.
Nappies (disposable) and wet wipes should either be provided by parents as requested by nursery staff, or, parents may specify their requirements and these will be provided by the nursery and parents will accordingly be invoiced separately.

22) Children may only be collected by authorised “collectors” as stated on the child’s records held by the nursery management. An up to date passport sized photograph of each collector must be supplied to the manager so that identity cards may be produced and issued to those authorised “collectors”. Under no circumstances whatsoever, will the nursery release a child to any unauthorised person. This includes relatives of any generation. Should a parent wish for an unauthorised person to collect a child, in extraordinary circumstances, they should contact the Principal or Nursery Manager to gain the neccessary authority.

23) In the event of the imposition of government scheme that either caps fees chargeable or directs periods of nursery attendance that we are unable to charge parents then a voluntary contribution may be suggested for any loss of revenue attributable. Whilst this would remain an entirely voluntary amount upon suggestion and entirely at the discretion of the parent, parents should be most mindful and understanding that our overheads do not decrease and that any losses so incurred should be mitigated to avoid detrimental reductions in the quality of care and provision that we are able to provide.

24) Ellingham House provides placement opportunities for nursery nurse and childcare students from local Universities, Colleges and Schools. These students are supernumerary and benefit from the recognised high standards of practice upheld at Ellingham. All students are strictly supervised and monitored. As part of this experience, students may make some written observations relating to children and childcare.

25) So that parents can gain a glimpse of daily nursery life, we like to take photographs of the children involved in their nursery activities, at play and enjoying the nursery day, so that we can make displays for parents to see how the children fill their days at Ellingham House and to capture the fun and goodtimes that are experienced here.
Some photographs are also included on our website.
Please speak to the nursery manager if you would rather your child were not to be included in these photographs.

26) We are extremely proud of all our staff who form the Ellingham team.
It is considered extremely poor form for parents to enquire as to whether individual members would wish to become private nannies. Our employment contracts preclude such attempted poaching of staff and should any such approach occur, it would immediately compromise the continued attendance at Ellingham House of any child/children concerned. Furthermore, should a member of staff gain employment elsewhere within a period of six months of termination of contract as a result of contact made during nursery employment, then Ellingham House reserves the right to charge that parent an introductory fee equivalent to one month’s nursery salary, together with, all other reasonable costs incurred by the nursery in replacing that staff member.

27) We reserve the right to alter our terms and conditions as required, and a copy of the prevailing terms and conditions are displayed on nursery notice-boards.

28) Complaints procedure:- I would not wish for any parent to be unhappy with the care that Ellingham House provides. Should a parent become concerned about any aspect of nursery life, care, or procedure then they should immediately raise that concern with their child’s room leader, the Nursery Manager or Principal.
Any such matter will be swiftly addressed, either in a meeting with the parent to discuss and resolve the concern, or in writing if applicable.

29) Within the constraints of Ofsted requirements we will comply with all GDPR statutory obligations and your agreement and consent for same is required on the application form.

Ellingham House Day Nursery Ltd. is registered by Ofsted Early Years and they can be contacted at:
The National Business Unit, Ofsted, The Royal Exchange Buildings, St. Ann’s Square, Manchester, M2 7LA
Tel. 0300 123 1231 (Ofsted Registration Number 110473)

Company Name: Ellingham House Day Nursery Ltd
Company Registration No. 3124031
Place Of Registration – C.W. Fellowes Ltd. Templars House, Lulworth Close, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire, SO53 3TL