Questions and Answers

Choosing a day nursery for your child is such an important decision and one you will rightly wish to make with good judgement and confidence.
Your child is unique. This is the cornerstone of our approach at Ellingham House. We wish to provide a level of care and provision that is everything that you would wish for yourself and your child.
Just as we are responsive to each child’s needs, we also pride ourselves on communications with our parents. If something affects your child – we need to know and you need to know. We always encourage parents to ask, or to tell us, about their concerns and we shall always aim to keep you fully informed about your child.

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I shall be leaving my child in a nursery all day. How will I know how he is getting on day by day and what activities he/she has been up to?

 We operate a ‘key-staff’ system: your child will be assigned to a particular member of staff who will be your regular first point of contact. We have chosen staff to be bright, sympathetic and approachable. Babies have daily diaries detailing every aspect of their day, intake and outgoings! Key workers will always tell you about your child’s day on collection in the evening. Very often your child will be taking home something that he or she has made during the day. We keep full records of what our children have been doing, so that parents will feel fully involved with the daytime activities of their children.

I am not sure that my child will want to leave me. Should I be considering nursery?

Every consideration will be given to responding to your child as an individual , and welcome them into nursery life. Before starting at nursery we will give you the opportunity during introductory visits to tell us all about his or her, likes and dislikes, foibles and favourite things, the routines that you have entered into and the childcare techniques that you are employing. We will ask you to bring along some of those favourite possessions on your introductory visits, and focus on these with your child. We’ll try to make the visits as low-key as possible – to get your child absorbed without realising it. We hope that all our children will very, very quickly feel acknowledged, understood and secure. We also appreciate your feelings, and we take as much care in settling in our parents as we do for our children

My child is a fussy eater. How will you deal with this?

Menus at Ellingham House have been planned to provide a balanced, nutritional diet. There is a daily vegetarian alternative to our luncheon, and all and any special dietary requirements can be catered for. We aim to make meals varied, with a blend of wholesome foods likely to appeal to children – and menus are displayed every week, so that you’ll know in advance what’s planned. We want our children to eat well, and approach this with a mixture of encouragement and praise. We do not make a great fuss about the matter, but let the general enjoyment of meal times establish itself.

Will my child get enough rest during the day?

We shall need to know what he or she’s used to. Children have different patterns and requirements, and these will change as they grow. Our rooms and activities are arranged to allow us maximum flexibility: at some times of the day there will be opportunities for those who need their rest to get it – and for those who don’t, to tire the staff out !

My child doesn't tell me when he/she wants to go to the toilet. Will that cause a problem?

 Children are individuals – in all areas of life! We aim to respond positively and appropriately. Children will certainly not be made to feel embarrassed. Younger children are taken to the toilet regularly; older ones with difficulties are given discreet guidance. The whole philosophy of Ellingham House is to create a supportive, understanding climate. Tell us about any concern – whatever it may be.

My child has been ill in the night. Should I bring him/her in?

There is a member of staff in the Nursery from 7.40am- possibly earlier. Just give us a ring, and we will discuss the situation with you and make an informed assessment.

We have tried in the above to cover and preempt some of the concerns that you may have. There will undoubtedly be other matters that you would like to discuss. Please do not hesitate to ask any question that is of concern to you.
Our satisfaction is in providing the best of care for our children and imbuing confidence and peace of mind in our parents.